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About Leato Consulting

The prevailing global economic outlook and the resulting intense challenges make it difficult for most businesses to grow and stay competitive. Today’s businesses have to be flexible, agile and innovative to effectively deal with the uncertainty and volatility which has become a way of life. In addition they have to adapt and respond hastily to the ever changing regulatory environment whilst at the same time growing profits.

Leaders are faced with many challenges on a day to day basis. How to manage rising costs, declining profitability and widespread inefficiencies while meeting regulatory requirements, increasing quality and productivity levels, offering superior customer care?. How to achieve quality excellence without sacrificing its profits? How to take compliance to regulations, policies and standards to a level where it becomes a competitive advantage for the company?

The answer lies in a tried and tested system that organizes and unifies various programs to create a systematic and structured approach to sustainable quality excellence.

Leato Consulting has a network of highly competent consultants who are able to advice, engage and effectively work with your staff to ensure that your company complies with its specific regulatory and legislative requirements. We deliver one of the most comprehensive, fully-integrated enterprise management software solutions available, which is perfect for companies looking for solutions in the areas of Compliance, Performance Management and Business Excellence across all sectors of industry.


About Leato Consulting

Africa’s largest power market, South Africa, has over the past few years been on a drive to invest in a strong network of economic infrastructure designed to support the country’s medium- and long-term economic and social objectives. Energy infrastructure is a critical component that underpins economic activity and growth across the country; it needs to be robust and extensive enough to meet industrial, commercial and household needs. However, there has been a major shortage of reliable power sources; and to address this, the Minister of Energy announced the introduction of a 3,126mW new generation capacity from gas-fired power generation. It is envisaged that the gas to power programme will create a comprehensive gas industry to supply the demand.


About Leato Consulting

The objective of a Quality Management System (QMS) is to establish, document, implement and maintain a management system and continually improve its effectiveness.

The program is highly effective in that it integrates all quality elements including processes, document management, performance indicators, non-conformance reports (NCRs), corrective action and preventative actions (CAPA), audits, training records, competency assessments, inspection plans and others. Improving operational efficiency in quality-related processes significantly reduces the cost associated with quality failures and regulatory compliance.